Web Development Services

We provide complete web site design and development services to any size of business or idea. We are able to assist and guide you towards

a successful project ranging from a simple single page web site to a high specification Content Management System. 

Simple low cost hosting packages designed to maximise up-time and performance on a new project or services to migrate your existing domain are available.

Utilising any of the following technologies and combinations:

  • Lotus Notes & Domino & Notes API
  • HTML - HTML 5,PHP 5 Thru 7
  • Symfony, Kohana, Javascript, JQuery, JQuery UI, Bootstrap, AJAX
  • Joomla, Wordpress, Laravel

Mobile Development Services

We deliver desktop, server and cross platform mobile applications using a variety of languages including:

  • Objective C, Xamarin C#, Xamarin Forms
  • Java, Xamarin C#, Xamarin Forms
Windows Mobile:
  • Microsoft Universal Apps and Windows Mobile 8.1 C#
  • Xamarin C#

Desktop & Server Development

  • Windows Desktop .NET C# , Apple OSX Objective C, Xamarin C# 
  • Linux C, C# Mono and Scripting
  • Lotus Notes / Domino Database Development